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Civil Survival Educates

We create educational materials and develop curricula that not only teach basic legal concepts, but also how to engage in the political process to effect policy change around pressing legal issues that impact individuals’ lives on a daily basis.

Our content addresses everyday legal issues, such as how to get back a driver’s license, understanding child support and divorce-related issues, what to do in case of a car accident, how to deal with landlord/tenant issues, voting rights, and how to handle workplace issues. We also teach individuals how to identify obstacles in their lives that can be improved by changing public policy – and then we teach how to successfully advocate for policy change.

Our Civil Survival facilitator program provides ongoing training and supplemental materials that allow anyone who is interested to actively organize and lead the Civil Survival courses.

Civil Survival Teaches Political Advocacy and the Importance of Voting

Individuals are more likely to engage in the political system if they can see that their vote counts. Many people simply, and quite understandably, don’t think that anything will change in their lives if they exercise their right to vote in any election, whether state, local, or national. Civil Survival helps individuals and groups identify how policy changes can provide solutions to pressing personal issues.

Become a partner!

Civil Survival content is offered through many different kinds of organizations. We teach individuals who need critical life skills education whenever and wherever they are.

Civil Survival partners have access to our entire online curriculum line-up. We offer regular facilitator training and webinars to keep your facilitators up to date on issues affecting your population of learners.

Our new web site is under construction

Right now, we are in the process of updating our curriculum and our web site. Please contact us with any questions, or if you would like additional information. We expect to launch our exciting new site by mid-July.

Feel free to contact us by clicking here.

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