May 05 2015

"I am convinced that teaching the disadvantaged and underserved their legal rights and responsibilities will help them become more productive workers and more engaged citizens which will benefit not only their families, but help build stronger communities."

    -- Amanda DuBois

Our Mission

EDUCATE.  Ordinary people deserve to understand every-day legal issues.  Working with transitioning ex-offenders, Civil Survival provides pertinent information around housing, employment, driver's license, child support, divorce, automobile accidents and constitutional rights issues.


MOTIVATE.  Every person should have the opportunity to make a difference in his/her community and influence public policy.


LIBERATE.  People in the United States have the right to live free of restrictions imposed on them by draconian and unevenly enforced laws.

What We Do

Civil Survival empowers people by teaching them their basic legal rights and responsibilities with easy-to-understand legal education tools. Our goal is for everyone to have access to the information they need to realize the promises of our Declaration of Independence: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The Civil Survival content assists with re-entry and life skills issues faced by a variety of disconnected and under-served populations. Legal and policy education helps at-risk individuals assimilate into their communities so that they can lead productive lives.

Criminal Justice

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Divorce & Child Custody

Rights at Work

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The Team

Family Law for Veterans
Re-entry Issues Faced by the Formerly Incarcerated
For the Disadvantaged